Who We Are

Mission Statement


Our Mission 

To help young women affected by Commercial Sex Exploitation and Trafficking (CSET) to heal, transform and be empowered, 

through a comprehensive and holistic approach.

Our Values

We believe all humans have the right to self-worth, dignity and a sense of agency.

Our Vision 

 To provide services throughout Uganda, and beyond, so that humans surviving CSET can be healed, transformed and empowered. 

Our Goals

1. To support survivors of human trafficking in ways that foster their dignity and self-worth through opportunities to become self-sustaining.

2. To raise awareness about the global epidemic of human trafficking, and to educate those at risk for exploitation




To learn more about human trafficking, please check out our Helpful Resources section.


10,000 Lights Women's Center Staff

Michelle Mannarino Luhrmann,  President, Amilia's Light 

Martin Munialo, Executive Director, and DOFU- COB

Esther Achola, Psychotherapist and Training officer

Benah Nalugaya, Administrative & Accounting Officer

Chrisitne Atim, Field Coordinator

Doreen Natocho, ESL Trainer


10,000 Lights Women's Center, Kampala, Uganda: 

A partnership with Daughter's of Freedom - Uganda.

Our funding primarily supports the 10,000 Lights Women's Centre (10KLWC) in Kampala, Uganda.  The center was jointly founded by Amilia's Light and Daughters Of Freedom - Uganda. (DOFU). Our Empowerment Program for survivors of CSE, is funded by Amilia's Light,  a United States (501(c)3 non-profit organization. It is licensed by the Uganda NGO Bureau, under DOFU, an NGO that rescues young women affected or at risk from commercial sex exploitation and human trafficking.

Over 100 young women have benefitted from the program, since inception in early 2016. The program began as a small busines with on-the-job training for survivors of CSE.  We have evolved and expanded into what is now a comprehensive healing and learning center that is doing inspiring work to help survivors heal their trauma, transform their lives and become empowered women living free.