Empowering Survivors of Sex Exploitation

Destiny Women

We are partnered with Daughters of Freedom for The Empowerment Program at the 10,000 Lights Women's Centre in Kampala, Uganda. 

Daughters of Freedom (formerly named Destiny Women) Uganda, is a registered non-governmental organization working in Namusera, Busiiro North County Wakiso district since 2010 under the direction of its founders, Miriam and Fulukas Boroa. (Registration number: WK/245/10)

The vision of Daughters of Freedom is to rescue and restore hope, identity, dignity, and destiny of young women aged 13 through 18, rescued from commercial sex exploitation and trafficking.  
Their mission is to create a life-transforming environment for young women rescued from commercial sex exploitation and trafficking and to participate in their rehabilitation and reintegration through psycho-social support, life skills, economic empowerment and community reconciliation.

Goals of Destiny Women include:

  • Providing psycho-social support to the young women rescued from commercial sex exploitation and trafficking
  • Providing life skills support to the young girls rescued from commercial sex exploitation and trafficking 
  • Providing economic empowerment and vocational skills to young girls  rescued from commercial sex exploitation and trafficking 
  • Helping to reconcile and reunite young girls rescued from commercial sex exploitation and trafficking with their families
  • Nurturing a network of survivors who have passed through the rehabilitation center

Destiny Women seeks to meet these goals through the 4Rs:

  • Rescue Program: tracking girls in bars and clubs, registering them, providing medical examination, social background check, behavioral check, and pre-assessment for trauma and depression
  • Rehabilitation Program: counseling, art therapy, play therapy, work therapy through vocational skills, teaching life skills, mentoring
  • Reconciliation and Family Reunion Program: family tracing, preliminary family visits, family counseling, reunion, post assessment of trauma and depression
  • Reintegration Program: follow-up visits, small scale enterprise support, life skills support, social accountability groups, revolving funds, treatment for relapse