Empowering Survivors of Sex Exploitation


Kampala, Uganda


We empower, young women who are survivors of commercial sex exploitation (CSE) and human trafficking, by building a bridge for transformation and reintegration. We provide resources and tools for CSE survivors to heal, learn a vocation and to create agency over their lives.

Program Goals

To assist program participants to create agency for themselves through healing past trauma and economic empowerment. The program operates with a comprehensive,  holistic approach that addresses 3 components:  Wellness, Education, Life Skills.


We provide individual and group psycho-social support/ counseling to all participants, and track PTSD recovery throughout the program.  We continue providing psycho-social support and counseling to graduates, and track their well-being up to 5 years, post graduation. 


Hair dressing

Tailoring/Fashion and Design

Handmade crafts

English as a second language

Career Readiness ( preparation for internships, interviews, job search) 


Workshops are given to enable participants to embody social skills and morals including  self care, public etiquette, respect, responsibiltiy,  financial literacy, child care, and independent living. 


Our Partnership with Daughters of Freedom-Uganda

The 10KLWC is licensed under Daughters of Freedom-Uganda, an NGO that rescues young women affected or at risk from commercial sex exploitation and human  trafficking. The Empowerment Program is funded and managed by Amilia’s Light, Inc. a US, NGO, whose mission is to empower young women who have been affected by the commercial sex trade, to heal, grow, and become self-sustaining in a comprehensive and holistic manner. 


The program started in 2016, with a small salon and craft shop that provided on the job training for 7 young women.  It has since evolved and grown, to a program facility, that provides vocational training, counseling and life skill workshops during its annual programming.  

To date, 10KLWC has enrolled over 100 young women into the program.