What We Do

Empowering Survivors Of Commercial Sex Exploitation

10,000 Lights Womens Centre - Kampala, Uganda

Amilia's Light empowers survivors of commercial sex exploitation (CSE) and trafficking, through a partnership with Daughters of Freedom in Kampala, Uganda.  Our comprehensive and holistic program focuses on trauma support, life skills, vocational training, and career readiness.


Counseling, Trauma Support, Wellness Education and Basic health services


Course work, testing and internship support in Hair Styling and Sewing/Design. English as Second Language

Life Skills 

 Self care, accountability, ethics, teamwork, financial literacy, career readiness, home and child care


Learn more, read inspiring stories about how together, we support survivors through life changing transformation.  

 Youth and Community Education


Youth Ambassador program in Medfield, Massachusetts functions to raise awareness amongst high schoolers and parents. Through discussion, workshops and community events, the public is educated about the affects of pornography, sex exploitation, prostitution and trafficking. 

Want to start a group in your area?    

We are looking to expand into other communities, contact info@amiliaslight.org for more info.