Promised a good education...

At 17, she was homeless and jobless.

A relative promised to take Flower to a good school in the city on condition that she work in her shop. This went well for a while, but they got into a bad fight and Flower decided to leave and find another job.  

The only work she could find was a very low wage job as a waiter in a nightclub.  Without much income, Flower was pressured into prostitution to help pay for food and rent.  Though illegal, this is common practice at many bars and clubs in Uganda, where wait staff are encouraged to “cater” to their male customers. 

She was exploited and contracted an STD.  She was sick, could not work, and did not have money to pay for medical care.

Her heart and body were left broken from the abuse.

Flower was depressed and felt helpless.

One of our community partners connected with her, and in February, she was invited to join our Empowerment Program at The 10,000 Lights Women’s Centre.  She was cared for and was provided with medical services, and counseling. 

Relief  for her troubled mind

With her health restored, and on her way toward emotional healing, Flower took on vocational training in hair styling with zeal.  

“I was relieved to have something to take my mind of my troubles” 

Our psychosocial support and mentorship program along with vocational training have set Flower on a whole new path to blossom and live a meaningful life.



“I am doing an internship and learning the salon business.  I want to have my own salon someday, to be able to take care of myself and earn money in a way that is honorable. 

I know I can be somebody.

I have hope.” 

There are so many young women, just like Flower, who because of desperation are forced to sell their bodies.

You can help a survivor of CSE find a new path to blossom and live a meaningful life, by supporting our campaign to Keep The Lights On.