Building A Brighter Future

20-year-old Claire had to drop out of school and leave her parents home, because of domestic violence.  She moved in with her grandmother, who suffered from multiple diseases, and wasn't able to support their family.   


A woman rejoicing about her freedom


Her neighbor's daughter introduced Claire to the commercial sex business and assured her that the work would bring her a good life.

But all it brought was a life misery.

Claire fell victim to torture, violence and abuse, but couldn't find another way to provide for herself and her grandmother. 


“My life was totally dependent on men, but after empowering myself, I can now stand on my own. I have become independent.”


Claire successfully using her skills as a stylist

At the 10,000 Lights Women’s Centre Empowerment Program, Claire learned how to restore her sense of dignity. “I can walk with my head held high, unlike in the past.” 

Claire takes pride in her new job as a salon manager. At a past job, she spoke up to her boss about harassment going on in her workplace. When no action was taken, she left the job for the one she has now. She says that she couldn’t have done this without the counseling at the 10,000 Lights Women’s Centre.

Claire dreams to one day open her own salon. She is working and saving up every day to accomplish this goal. 

She is incredibly thankful for the donors and the Empowerment Program staff for helping her transform her life. She couldn’t have done it without them.

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