A Girl's Voice Can Be Heard

10LWC participants embark on a process of self discovery, and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their story. They learn they were exploited and victimized. Healing and transformation take place, through counseling and skill building, and participants gain confidence and become empowered to use their voice.

Fostering Healing:

Program participants begin to learn, it is OK to use their voice. 

They begin to process, and understand how culture and societal norms have impacted their lived experiences.

With knowledge participants begin to process their lived experience and heal their trauma.

Fostering Transformation:   

Once healing begins, participants are able to absorb new information. 

Counseling, community and safe spaces help them to gain the confidence to speak up and out.

Fostering Empowerment: 

As transformation begins, participants are able to learn. Life skill and vocational education help them find their voice. 

They practice in safe spaces. 

By graduation, all have completed internships, and have gained life and work skills, and have bee reintroduced to community.  They feel empowered and use their voices to speak out against social injustice for themselves and others.

Survivors become change makers


This is series of  3 videos that will drop this in January for National Human Trafficking Prevention Awareness Month. 

Your donation can help another 30 young women enter the 2024 empowerment program  and find their voice.