Rita's Secret, Part Two

Part 2 of a # part series in 2017

Rita had been secretly selling herself for some time, earning just enough money for her most basic needs. She thought it was her only option.

Then a friend introduced Rita to Miriam, an expert at rescuing young girls like Rita, restoring their sense of dignity and turning their lives around. She is the co-founder of Daughters of Freedom in Uganda, which is supported by Amilia’s Light.

Miriam's key to rescuing Rita is to listen to her.

With girls who are especially traumatized, all Miriam can do is listen, sometimes for as much as a year before gaining enough trust to even try to suggest making a change.

Rita responded to Miriam’s gentle way of listening, enough so that Miriam challenged Rita to speak openly. Rita struggled at first. She greatly lacked confidence; it was difficult for her to speak at all, let alone talk about the darkness and pain of selling herself. But she did speak. She opened up.

A turn in the road for Rita.

The relationship between them grew enough so that Miriam knew she could safely suggest an alternative for Rita. In the right moment, Miriam invited Rita to leave the world of sex trafficking and begin a path towards reconnecting with her self-worth, grow to be independent and responsible. She accepted, which meant a pathway that would lead her to the Empowerment Program.

Next week you’ll learn how the Program has transformed Rita.


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Amilia's Light is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that empowers survivors of human trafficking in ways that foster their dignity and self-worth through opportunities to become self-sustaining. This is realized through education, training, and job opportunities. Currently, our major project is in Uganda. Locally, we help raise awareness aimed about the global epidemic of human trafficking.