Thank you for making this event

extra special! 


Thank you to all of our volunteers, sponsors, and donors for making this event a success.

The event, held on May 24, 2018 was a special one, taking place in Amilia's Garden, for the last time, and commemorating the 15th anniversary of her passing.  

Our goal is to raise $10,000 

There's still time to plant a seed of hope and help change the path for a survivor of sex trafficking.





A very special thanks to the small village of volunteers who are planting seeds everyday.

It was a night of fun!

It was a night of special moments...

And lots of smiles.

A night to see old friends and get to know new ones

a night to make new connections by volunteering...

and it was a night to remember...and plant some seeds of hope.

Lianne Wade, Eva Hylen, Jackie Collins, Michelle Luhrmann, Carol Hart

Thanks for helping to plant a new path for our brave young women,

The team at Amilia's Light