Empowering Survivors of Sex Exploitation

Past Projects

Here are some of the other projects we have helped fund to date:

  • Sponsored five women through the Destiny Women program
  • Solar lighting for the Destiny Women's Center  
  • Wireless service and computer equipment for Destiny Women's Center
  • Tuition help/sponsorship for women who completed the Destiny Women program to further their education
  • Seed money for start-up businesses of women who completed the Destiny Women program
  • Medical care and surgeries for one woman in the Destiny Women program with a debilitating foot injury
  • Enabled Destiny Women to procure a rental property for the one-stop retail center with room for a boutique and a hairdressing shop

In the greater Boston area, we have given grants to two local organizations that are on the front lines of helping victims of the sex trafficking trade.

We have also contributed funds for a commercial sewing machine, new shelving and storage units, and computer equipment to an NGO in Cambodia dedicated to rescuing and restoring exploited women and girls.