The Empowerment Program at the 10,000 Lights Womens Centre

Changes to the Empowerment Program due to Covid 

The young women in our program are survivors of Commercial Sex Exploitation or Trafficking.  Under normal circumstances, these girls are vulnerable. Our 2020 program had just opened on March 9, and the counseling and vocational training just started. A week later, the Ugandan Ministry of Health shut down public transportation, closed all roads to auto traffic and put a stay at home order in place, with a 6 pm curfew.  Many of the girls live in slum areas, and our staff cannot see them in person. These young women were given a glimpse of hope and promised a path toward freedom, only to have it taken away because we had to close the training center. We are doing our best to be flexible and creative to provide much needed support for these vulnerable survivors during this crisis. 

Please Support Our Vulnerable Young Women

Counseling and Trauma Support:

We established a tele-counseling program in lieu of an on-site group and one-to-one counseling.  We are raising funds to support internet and phone service for the girls, so that they can remain in counseling and receive support tools, such as yoga, and EFT to manage stress and anxiety. 

New Short Term Income Generation Trainings 

We established new short term project tele-trainings (via what’s app) so they are empowered to support themselves during Covid, since they are unable to be in school or work. 

We are raising funds to supply them with materials to make masks, liquid soap and hand sanitizer. This will ensure some minimum funds for basic daily living.