Help Us Keep The Lights On!


This year presented us with successes and challenges that required us to grow in new ways as we faced a global pandemic.  We focused on keeping our Empowerment Program participants safe and connected. Fundraising and volunteer development, were greatly affected.

We pivoted - provided remote services at the Centre for counseling, and training on soaps and mask making, so our young survivors could earn some minimum income during shutdown. We reopened in September, with a smaller class, who will begin internships in January.

We are so thankful to our donors to have had the resources to keep operating. 

But now we need your help.  

Normally, our policy is to raise funds early in the current year, for the following year, and to keep six months of operating costs in restricted funds for emergency use.  This year, we could not hold any events, online fundraising was difficult because there were so many other more immediate needs, and we chose to step back so those other voices could be heard.  


Help vulnerable young women like Josephine become self sufficient.

We hope and pray to start a new class for survivors in March 2021. 

Your support will provide funds to help 20 more young survivors of sex exploitation transform their lives.