Vivianne's Story - Part 1

Vivianne was raised by her grandmother,  Her grandmother sent her to school, and took care of her until she died, when Vivianne was in 7th grade. Her cousin said he would take her to his home in the city to study.

“He kept me at his home for a while and when I asked about school he would just tell me to wait and  to be patient.” 

She kept waiting, hoping to start school.

Her cousin would bring a man to spend the night. And Vivianne was forced to have sex with him. She was innocent still, and had not been with a man before.

Her cousin was her trafficker.

“I was only 17 years old and the man forced me to have sex with him and he made me pregnant.  I also got to know that this man was paying my cousin money for using me.”

This is what “life in the city” meant for Vivianne.  

Eventually, she heard about the 7 Steps to Freedom Program where she learned about exploitation, trafficking and the right to be free and independent. 

Next time,  you'll learn more about the 7 Steps, and how that program enabled Vivianne to continue her path toward freedom. 

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