Current Major Projects

We are partnered with an NGO in Uganda, called Daughters of Freedom, (formerly named Destiny Women.) Together we have established an Empowerment Program that assists survivors from the sex trafficking trade to assimilate into the workforce. This program helps survivors finish basic education, receive job training, provides work opportunities to build job skills, and provides on-going mentoring. One of the goals at Amilia's Light is to support in ways that are self-sustaining, and this program has shown great potential.

  • Amilia's Light funds the Empowerment Program, which includes the 10,000 Lights Women's Business Center:  Currently the stores, which operate six days a week, full time, are located in two rented locations.  A hair salon and boutique are near the international business section in Kampala.  A craft boutique is located near the main university. Additional small pop up shops are located at several shopping centers, near the participant's homes. These shops offer part-time employment opportunities, while our young women attend school or care for young children.   Seven women are currently employed  and have the opportunity to learn job skills, interpersonal skills, and practice life skills (budgeting, saving).  Two program graduates have received diplomas in social work, and are mentoring the Empowerment Program participants. 
  • A tailoring program, is currently being proposed, which would offer a path, for young women, that are being mentored through the Daughters of Freedom outreach program, would have the opportunity to receive vocational training, and earn some income.  It is our hope to offer an online store, which will carry their goods next year!  The curriculum, classes and product designs are currently under "design" by a program graduate, who has completed her diploma in fashion design.   
  • Helping to fund a dormitory so that women who find their way to the Destiny Women program have a safe place to stay as they go through the rehabilitation program.

Longer term, our goal is to have a permanent structure for the business center that will house additional businesses and be able to train and employ more women. Our goal is to launch the participants into their own businesses or other careers of their choosing.  Ultimately, we want the empowerment program to become self-sustaining through its businesses.