This Thursday, January 11, 2018 is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Learn more about it, including how you can participate.

Rita’s story is not uncommon in Uganda. She lived with an aunt who couldn’t provide for her. She saw selling herself for sex, even for one dollar at a time, as her only option to make the money she needed. She became so traumatized that she could barely speak, and her sense of self was terribly depleted. Her secret had many layers.

Rita had been secretly selling herself for some time, earning just enough money for her most basic needs. She thought it was her only option.

Rita was raised by her Aunt, a mother of five who could barely afford to feed and school her own children. The responsibility of paying for school fees and essential items such as pens and sanitary products, was hers alone.

Many of us have security, a place to live, financial resources, education, a job, friends and family to rely on. But many don’t even have the basics, and aren’t sure how to get through the next hour - let alone day.

Brighter Lights is our holiday season campaign to encourage you to be a "brighter light" and help us raise $10,000 so we all can do more in 2018 to help survivors of human trafficking.